Communicate with the Appraiser

This is a challenging time for appraisers to accurately pin-point the value of a property because of the escalating prices.   The Listing Agent and Selling Agent can, and should, provide information to the appraiser to assist him, or her, with their analysis.  Remember however, an appraiser can only include prior closed sales of similar homes based upon location, size, and condition of the property in their analysis.

The Listing Agent and Selling Agent should provide the appraiser with their Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) they’ve provided to the seller to establish the List Price and to the buyer to justify their Offer to Purchase Price.  If there are comparable homes that are currently Pending, and that will close prior to your transaction, the Agent(s) should provide the details of these Pending transactions to the appraiser.  There may be one or more of these transactions that will benefit the appraisers valuation of the home.

Other information to provide the appraiser include; any Seller concessions to the Buyer, the school district the home is in, the proximity to the County line (ie. King vs. Snohomish), the owner occupancy if it’s a condominium building.  Inquire of the appraiser if there is any other information they need.

An appraiser does not need information contained in the Inspection Report or Form 35R (Inspection Response).

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